Why Blog?

Why am I recording my journey back to technology?

There is not a specific end goal, rather I have started walking a particular path. Along the way I expect to get lost, find other paths, find a sense of direction, understand more, realise that I understand nothing, feel great, feel humbled, feel despair, but hopefully keep going anyway.

I am sure that in doing my old job, I was definitely not going to be equipped or ready for the emerging world of technology.

Can I see my 12 year old self (the little guy who became fascinated with computers and electronics) having absolutely no clue as to the wonders and horrors of the world that exists now? Blimey, if I could have shown me  an iPhone, or a totally flat 3D TV, or Skype. These things were total science fiction. What can I then imagine being equally daunting and unfathomable in another 30 years. This is not about flying cars, but about how people do the mundane, and the role that technology, coroprates, governments and a couple of billion extra technology net empowered people with different/threatening value systems, have on my future world. It scares the wind out of me, so I have no choice but to take a good look and perhaps to be a tiny part of it.

This sound huge and ambitious, but remember I am not trying to have the answers or make predictions or exploit the situations that arise, I just plan to hold on for the ride rather than getting left behind.

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