Crispy Smoked Web

Crispy Smoked Web documents the journey, discovery, experiences and opinions of a (early) mid-life career changer, looking to get back on the technology bus.

Tired of the mundanity and general lack of innovation in corporate/business IT, I have an opportunity to spend some time studying and discovering what really matters in technology. Aged 14 in the nineteen eighties, I was excited by the unfolding power and applications of computing, and studied it, only to wake up one day really just wiping IT noses and never actually getting my hands on any actual technology.

Part-time, over a few years I have been undertaking all kinds of self-study, e-learning, attending events and just trying to get my head back into the vast  and exciting world of real IT. There is so much going on, more than ever before and I was in danger of missing it. Right now is an incredible time to be learning and working with technology. Why would I miss this?


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