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Like many people, I enjoy a good TED talk. At typically 15 minutes or less, they are only ever a window into someone else’s viewpoint or wisdom, but it really is not hard to find something new, each time you go on the site that will inspire, provoke, reinforce or contradict. I heard that TED […]

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence. Not just the title of a great compilation album on Warp Records cataloguing some great ambient techno and IDM tracks from the early 90’s, but also, it seems, a branch of computer science. Having had a break from learning, I though I would try another MOOC, this time through Udacity rather than Coursera. […]

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2nd Year Project

So I am trying to capture what it is I want to do with my emerging knowledge. I need a project. It is clear I cannot advance very fast or to a very satisfactory level purely as a coder. There are brighter, more hungry, more available, younger people out there wanting to become developers. That […]

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