2nd Year Project

I don't know what to doSo I am trying to capture what it is I want to do with my emerging knowledge. I need a project. It is clear I cannot advance very fast or to a very satisfactory level purely as a coder. There are brighter, more hungry, more available, younger people out there wanting to become developers. That is not my thing. My aim was to learn enough about current and emerging technologies, and enough about trends in the word and the way it works to find an application and possible solution, and then be able to talk critically with those that can. I am hatching an idea for a project that will give me a structure and a reason to learn technologies, and a vehicle in which to try them out, but where overall my dev ability is not a defining or limiting factor. I don’t want to discuss it here yet, I’m not sure I understand it myself yet, but I am excited about it.

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