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SeePilgrims Part1

This is the first of 3 blog posts about my Summer 2015 SeePilgrims interactive installation at a friend’s festival. Part 1 covers the motive and the result – what actually is it? Part 2 describes the components, technicalities and the design process I went through. Part 3 describes the experience of starting, finishing and exhibiting a […]

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SeePilgrims Part2

Part 2 – A Semi-Technical Discussion   The starting point for SeePilgrims was the Kinect library for Processing, as nicely outlined on Daniel Shiffman’s blog post on Processing and Kinect. As he explains, development of and access to the openNi library was stopped when Apple acquired the technology.  This meant I never got very far […]

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SeePilgrims Part3

Part 3: Developing SeePilgrims   The decision to undertake an installation for the Pilgrims festival was a big one for me, in that the result was always going to be visible to others. Up to this point all my work was done purely for the act of learning, and possibly to submit to a narrow […]

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