About Dave

I am a mid-life career changer, enjoying a journey in creative coding after a more traditional career (outside of technology and the arts). Many of my learning experiences kept pointing me back to creative uses of coding and mathematical techniques, and so my own experiments and endeavours have followed this pull. I would describe myself as neither a coder nor an artist. I am an imposter in both worlds, but making my own way none the less.
I see well-intentioned digital art that is lacking in technical execution, and I see beautiful, technically brilliant creative coding techniques, but which lack a connection to anything human or challenging to the viewer. It’s early days, and I am trying to find something where these two vectors cross; a space where maybe I can craft something worthwhile.


Creative Digital Projects

Equals Thought?

An interpretation of neurons in a simple brain responding to it’s environment, questioning when synaptic ripples become thoughts. Exhibited at the Visions of Science exhibition at the Edge, University of Bath in 2018. Technical implementation.


A Kinect based interactive/performance installation made for a friend’s mini festival.



A web based, local,  installation to transport viewers together, through their own mobile device screens to an imagined world.

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