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Word Synth

For my Creative Programming Course, I have completed my final project. See it here, along with a description. For me this is quite an achievement. I am not sure the code or the result bears witness to the more critical reader

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Coding is tough

Bearing in mind I have, so far in UoD, only had to complete online code challenges and smallish take-home exercises from online courses that were largely based on work done in class, it is a big ask to suddenly try to take a new concept and code it from scratch. The thing is there are […]

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Grade Me! Grade Me!

“Grade me! Look at me! Evaluate and rank me! I’m good, good, good and oh so smart! GRADE ME!” So cried Lisa Simpson, so desperate was she for the external validation that we get from scoring and ratings. We all need feedback, to know we are doing OK, to know when our extra efforts paid […]

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Knob Twiddling

My second Coursera MOOC course, Creative Programming for Digital Media and Mobile Apps, which I introduced in this post, is nearing the end. The final set of lectures, for week 6, went up today, and probably covered my favourite subject so far: a basic 808-style sequencer with lots of virtual knob-twiddling (actually slider-wiggling) features. It’s […]

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MOOC #1: Done

The First of my Coursera Mooc courses, snappily entitled Developing Innovative ideas for New Companies: The 1st Step in Entrepreneurship, has come to an end. In fact the lectures finished a couple of weeks ago, but  then there was a final peer review assignment, and the reviewing period takes a while due to its nature. I’ll explain more […]

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Nand2Tetris: Expertise is Relative

It’s funny how whether you are a techy (geek/nerd/expert) is a matter of perspective between you, your audience, and those who know more than you along the particular subject at hand. To me, for example, a car is effectively a black box with a wheel on each corner. I have no interest is demystifying anything […]

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