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Learning how I Learn: s l o w l y

Part 1: My brain hurts A big chunk of my journey back towards technology is learning, and learning how to learn. In school and at university (for those that went) you are kind of carried along, without having to think about the methods that others and you yourself use to get knowledge and understanding into your […]

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Horses for Coursera’s

So today I started my first Coursera course, snappily entitled Developing Ideas for New Companies: The 1st step in Entrepreneurship. One month ago I had not even heard of Coursera, but I suppose that is the way of the web. My perceptions of time just need constantly re-adjusting. Coursera, in case you didn’t know, is a site where […]

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How Long Before the Robots Attack?

I do love a bit of science fiction,  and I am quite happy to suspend disbelief to make it all the more enjoyable. I do not dwell too much on the gap between the promise of flying cars and molecular engineering, and what we have today. This is partly because, given how slack and pathetic the human […]

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Why Blog?

Why am I recording my journey back to technology? There is not a specific end goal, rather I have started walking a particular path. Along the way I expect to get lost, find other paths, find a sense of direction, understand more, realise that I understand nothing, feel great, feel humbled, feel despair, but hopefully […]

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