Horses for Coursera’s

So today I started my first Coursera course, snappily entitled Developing Ideas for New Companies: The 1st step in Entrepreneurship. One month ago I had not even heard of Coursera, but I suppose that is the way of the web. My perceptions of time just need constantly re-adjusting.

Coursera, in case you didn’t know, is a site where universities share specific undergraduate course modules with anyone. That’s right, anyone. Completely FOC. And these are not off-the-back-of-a-lorry powerpoint slide decks or last year’s e-lectures. These are in real-time with a cohort from around the world, with an expectation that you will engage with each week’s online study and take the quizzes and assignments (for grading). Hopefully you will also participate in the student community, with online discussions (either within Coursera or on other networking sites).

I have sat through my first week’s lectures, read the required chapters in the companion book, and completed my first assignment. It’s too soon to comment on what I think of the course. need to get halfway through.

So I am technically a fresher, and looking forward to my Jägerbomb-fuelled rampage around the city tonight.

My second course, Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps, starts in a couple of weeks.

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