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Google DevArt and Digital Revolution

I got the chance in August to visit the Digital Revolution exhibition at the Barbican in London: a celebration of the history of digital media, art and a snapshot of the state of the digital arts in movies, music and pure digital art. I loved it so much visiting with the family, but couldn’t justify a […]

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Another little Code Everyday project, that looks quite nice. I quite fancy recreating on CSS and JS, but this is written in processing, exported as processing.js. Drag around or click to see the effect. Link to full page version. code below.   int dropcount=1000; Drop one=new Drop(10,10,10); Drop[] drops=new Drop[dropcount]; int nowX, nowY; int driftX, […]

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Project Euler

Since starting my “code everyday” discipline, one of the problems has been to have a bite-sized objective to focus on; one that I can pick up, think about in a short session, and then code.  The point is to hone my problem solving skills, as well as the specifics of coding in whatever language. Sometimes […]

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 I was discussing with my son how gears work to increase or decrease speed and to increase mechanical advantage. We demonstrated the principles with some lego he had, but I got the idea of coding something in Processing, it being such a great language to prototype ideas, and produce visual results quickly. It was a […]

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Learning how I Learn: s l o w l y

Part 1: My brain hurts A big chunk of my journey back towards technology is learning, and learning how to learn. In school and at university (for those that went) you are kind of carried along, without having to think about the methods that others and you yourself use to get knowledge and understanding into your […]

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Why Blog?

Why am I recording my journey back to technology? There is not a specific end goal, rather I have started walking a particular path. Along the way I expect to get lost, find other paths, find a sense of direction, understand more, realise that I understand nothing, feel great, feel humbled, feel despair, but hopefully […]

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