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sunriseLast month, I set myself a target to code a little bit everyday. It didn’t have to be for more that 15 minutes, and it could be anything – HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the plethora of frameworks and libraries, or my beloved Processing.

The point is that I learn new concepts and techniques from my tutorial sites, books, or wherever, and it fades so quickly. It is hard enough getting dedicated UoD study time, so I wanted to reinforce through a drip-drip approach. All coding involves breaking down problems, and solving bugs, thinking both conceptually and linearly. So it doesn’t really matter what language or framework I do this in. It all reinforces the key skills.

So how has it gone? Not fantastically, so I just have to try again this month. I managed 9 days in the first half of the month, and eight of those were consecutive. It is hard to get the discipline of doing it, but there really is not reason I cannot find 15 minutes in a day. What is the popular theory? 21 times to embed a new habit? Hmmm, this article from UCL suggests 66 is a more typical average, and maybe as much as 284. Better get started.




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