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Nand2Tetris: Expertise is Relative

It’s funny how whether you are a techy (geek/nerd/expert) is a matter of perspective between you, your audience, and those who know more than you along the particular subject at hand. To me, for example, a car is effectively a black box with a wheel on each corner. I have no interest is demystifying anything […]

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Book, Look, Mooc, Cook

So far in my adventures back to technology through self-study, I have used a few different methods. When I started out, several people asked me where I was studying , or what course I was enrolled in. This showed that the traditional ideas of study and learning are still very well entrenched, and it also missed […]

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Horses for Coursera’s

So today I started my first Coursera course, snappily entitled Developing Ideas for New Companies: The 1st step in Entrepreneurship. One month ago I had not even heard of Coursera, but I suppose that is the way of the web. My perceptions of time just need constantly re-adjusting. Coursera, in case you didn’t know, is a site where […]

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