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Summer13 So we actually got a summer in the UK. I mean a proper, like-what-I-remember-from-when-I-was-a-kid summer. Hot days, not so hot days, but pretty much no days when you couldn’t make plans and still actually act on them. For me as a family man this has been great. I have worked some, played some, but studied none. University of Dave has effectively been shutdown for the summer. perhaps it’s not bad to take a break, but I was right into my stride, and i have missed it. The appetite is very much there, so looking forward to cracking on in September, as the kids go back to school.

I finished in a fairly clean way, having completed my second MOOC course on Coursera. I have enjoyed the MOOC’s but I am looking forward to getting back to learning some coding with the online code schools, and more broadly acquainting myself with web technologies. I also want to recall that the purpose of UoD was not necessarily to become a coder, but to understand the state of the art and trends in web and the opportunities, problems, solutions, trends, etc that are exploiting web and other technologies (or are likely to). It’s still a fuzzy outcome, which I am slightly uncomfortable with, but at UoD it’s all about the journey. The destination(s) will emerge.


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